Introducing the VinFast
Charged Up Program

Reserve your VinFast vehicle today and receive your choice between two impressive charging options:
a VinFast Home Charger with installation, or access to nationwide public charging.

VF 8
Starting at
From $42,200 + monthly battery subscription**
or From $57,000 Inclusive of Battery*
VF 9
Starting at
From $57,500 + monthly battery subscription**
or From $76,000 Inclusive of Battery*
Always Connected

At the heart of every VinFast is a fully customizable 15.6-inch touch screen complete with full phone screen mirroring capability. Designed from day one to be a seamless extension of your digital self, your VinFast makes sure you’re always connected.

Premium within Reach

Every VinFast features exceptional craftsmanship, service, and affordability. State-of-the-art technology and unrivaled interior space combine with stunning Pininfarina design to provide the perfect combination of quality and value.

Built for Safety

Targeting a five-star NHTSA rating, every VinFast is built to protect, with a full range of active and passive safety features, including a HUD display, drive-assist technology, and class-leading digital security.

Power and Range

The VF 8 and VF 9 are engineered around advanced lithium-ion battery powertrain platforms. Each is available with two battery options, both offering exceptional performance, range, and fast-charging capabilities that always get you where you need to go.

Seamless Service

From Mobile Service that comes to you, designed to maximize time and minimize hassle, to over-the-air firmware updates that keep your car continually ahead of the game, VinFast prioritizes you, making EV ownership a truly premium and enjoyable experience.

Driven by

We believe sustainability shouldn’t come at the expense of dependability. That’s why every VinFast comes with a 10-year/125,000-mile warranty. Add to that our battery subscription program and it's among the smartest EV options available today.

Benefits of
reserving early

Discover the benefits of reserving early


Take advantage of either a VinFast Home Charger with a substantial credit to install at your home or select the Public Charging option for 3 Years of unlimited charging on nationwide networks.

The program ends on September 30th, 2022. Terms and Conditions apply.

Discover the benefits of reserving early

Home Charger and Installation – Always Charged Up for Your Next Trip

Charging at home allows you to stay charged up and ready to go whenever you leave the house. With the connected VinFast Home Charger, you will have access to monitor your energy use and customize your charging plan to maximize your savings. You will also receive up to a $1200.00 installation credit to cover the cost of setting up your new Home Charger.

3 Years of Public Charging – Stay Charged Up When You’re on The Road

Receive access to unlimited sessions through our participating charging partners across a nationwide network for 3 years. Staying charged has never been made easier in your VinFast vehicle.

Discover the benefits of reserving early


Any vehicle reserved now receives a free ADAS and Smart Services package for one year.

The program ends on September 30th, 2022. Terms and Conditions apply.

Discover the benefits of reserving early

Enjoy Essential Safety Features with ADAS

The fully integrated ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) includes automated and remote parking, summoning, traffic / highway assist, and automatic lane-changing assist.

Stay Connected with our Smart Services Package

Our connected services package includes a variety of smart features, including AI virtual assistant, remote control using the VinFast app, and a mobile office to keep you connected before, during, and after your journey.

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