January 5, 2023


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Las Vegas, Nevada, – January 5, 2023 – At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023), VinFast and Vayyar Imaging announced a partnership to enhance driving experience and safety by integrating in-cabin radar technology to the latest VF 6 and VF 7 models. The technology helps detect and alert when children are left in the car, ensuring a safer journey for all passengers.

Under the agreement, VinFast will integrate Vayyar’s in-cabin 4D imaging radar technology into VF 6 and VF 7 electric SUVs. The Vayyar platform will provide competitive edge with classification-based Child Presence Detection (CPD) to protect the smallest passengers from preventable hot car tragedies.

The high-resolution platform’s wide field of view makes it one of the optimal solutions, allowing it to cover the entire interior of a passenger vehicle cabin as well as all footwells and the open trunk. It classifies each seat’s occupant, triggering an alarm only if one or more children are left in the car.

Robust in all lighting conditions regardless of line of sight, the technology also ensures privacy by design while preventing false alarms that negatively impact user experience.

“VinFast relentlessly innovates forward and connects intelligence globally to provide its customers with excellent driving experience and uncompromising safety. I am delighted to have Vayyar join us on this journey,” said Stuart Taylor, VinFast Head of Smart Services Institute. “I believe Vayyar’s best-in-class solution will contribute to our goal of accelerating global transition to sustainable transportation by making electric vehicles more compelling and exciting for everyone.”

“VinFast is one of the world’s most innovative automakers and working together to rapidly deploy Vayyar’s technology is proving to be a rewarding experience,” said Ian Podkamien, Vayyar Vice President and Head of Automotive. “We’re proud to be part of the VinFast story and anticipate great success for the OEM, underpinned by rock-solid safety.”

VinFast continues to research a range of additional features based on the Vayyar platform’s point cloud layer, such as Seat Belt Reminder, Intruder Alert, and occupant classification for airbag deployment that will further enhance its smart electric vehicles’ safety standards.

In the longer term, both companies are exploring options to expand the partnership to other vehicle models and additional features for in-cabin sensing, as well as a range of lifesaving ADAS applications.


About VinFast

VinFast - a member of Vingroup – is envisioned to drive the global smart electric vehicle revolution. Established in 2017, VinFast owns a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with globally leading scalability that boasts up to 90% automation in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

Strongly committed to the mission of building a sustainable future for everyone, VinFast constantly innovates to bring high-quality products, advanced smart services, seamless customer experiences, and competitive pricing for all to inspire global customers to jointly create a future of smart mobility and a sustainable planet. Learn more at: https://vinfastauto.com.

About Vayyar Imaging

Vayyar’s automotive-grade imaging radar platform creates holistic safety solutions for in-cabin, ADAS and motorcycle safety. Powered by a single radar-on-chip, it delivers exceptional resolution across an ultra-wide field of view, enabling it to replace multiple existing single-function sensors. The platform provides comprehensive detection in and around the vehicle, simultaneously tracking multiple static and dynamic targets.

Inside the cabin, the 60 GHz configuration detects the presence, position, and size of each occupant, classifying children and adults. This enables Child Presence Detection, enhanced Seat Belt Reminders, optimized airbag deployment, out-of-position alerts, intruder detection and more. Outside the car (or motorcycle), the 79 GHz system supports most SRR, MRR and LRR applications including parking assistance, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Change Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Cross Traffic Alerts, Adaptive Cruise Control and more, with an effective range from 20cm to 300m. Vayyar technology is multifunctional, affordable, and available for mass production. The platform is robust in all road conditions, while ensuring privacy at all times.