2023 VinFast VF 9

General information

Model                                                              VF 9

Type                                                                All-Electric Vehicle

Body Style                                                      SUV

Doors                                                              5 (4 + hatch)

Seats                                                               6 or 7


                                                                       VF 9 Eco                        VF 9 Plus

Power system specifications         

System power                                                 402 hp  (300kW)           402 hp (300kW)

System torque                                                457 ft-lb (500 Nm)         457 ft-lb (620 Nm)


Performance specifications

Acceleration 0-100 km/h                                <6.5 seconds                   <6.5 seconds

Acceleration 0-60 mph                                   TBC                                TBC

Top Speed                                                      TBC                                TBC


Battery and Charging specs          

Battery Capacity SR (usable)                         92 kWh

Battery Capacity ER (usable)                         123 kWh

Charging power AC (kW)                               TBC                            

Charge time (h:m)                                          TBC

Fast charging power DC (kW)                        TBC

Fast charge time SR                                       26 min (10-70%)

Fast charge time ER                                       25 min  (10-70%)


Actual charging time will vary depending on the level of charge in the battery, as well as environmental conditions, including temperature, state of the battery, state of and capabilities of the charging unit and power supply.


Energy Consumption specs


Range (SR)                                                    272 miles                        262 miles

Range (ER)                                                    369 miles                        360 miles       

Combined Energy Consumption                    TBC                                TBC

(kWh/100 miles)

Actual mileage and range will vary and depend on several factors including driving and charging habits, accessory use, variations in weather, temperature and topography, battery age, load, and vehicle condition.


Transmission specifications          

Drive wheels                                                   AWD

Drive modes                                                   Eco/Normal/Sport


Dimensions and Weight     

Length                                                             201.6 inches

Width                                                               78.7 inches

Height                                                             67.8 inches

Wheelbase                                                      124 inches

Weight                                                             TBC

Cargo volume                                                 TBC


Brakes and Tires     

Front brakes type                                            Ventilated Disc         Ventilated Disc

Rear brakes type                                            Ventilated Disc          Ventilated Disc

ABS                                                                 Yes                            Yes

Wheels                                                            20 inch alloy              21 inch alloy

Front tires                                                       TBC (XXX/XXR19)    TBC (XXX/XXR19)

Rear tires                                                        TBC (XXX/XXR19)    TBC (XXX/XXR19)


Interior & Convenience


Seat Material                                                  Synthetic Leather            Leather

Driver Seat

Adjustment                                                      8-way power                 12-way power

Memory                                                           No                                 Yes                 

Ventilated                                                        No                                 Yes

Heated                                                            Yes                                Yes

Massage                                                         No                                 Yes

4-Way Adjustable Steering Wheel                 Manual                           Power

Heated Steering Wheel                                  Yes                                Yes

Steering Wheel Memory                                 No                                 Yes


Passenger Seat

Adjustment                                                     6-way power               10-way power

Ventilated                                                        No                               Yes

Heated                                                            Yes                              Yes

Massage                                                         No                               Yes


Second Row Seats

Adjustment                                                     4-way power              4-way power

60/40 Split Folding (w/ 3rd row access)         Yes                              Yes

Ventilated                                                        No                               Yes

Heated                                                            No                               Yes

Massage                                                         No                               Yes

Armrest w/ Cupholder                                     Yes                              Yes

Optional Captain Chair Seating                      No                               Yes


Third Row Seats

Adjustment                                                      Yes                              Yes

Folding                                                            Yes                              Yes




Infotainment Screen                                       15.6 inches                 15.6 inches

2nd Row Entertainment Screen                     Optional                      Optional

Head Up Display                                            Yes                              Yes

Front Row USB Ports (Type-A)                      2                                  2

Second Row USB Ports (Type-A)                  4                                  4
Third Row USB Ports (Type-A)                      2                                  2

Rear 90W USB-C Port                                   Yes                              Yes

12V Outlet in Cargo Area                               Yes                              Yes

AC Power Outlet                                            Yes                              Yes

Wireless Charging                                          Yes                              Yes

WiFi Connectivity                                            Yes                              Yes

WiFi Hotspot                                                   Yes                              Yes

Bluetooth                                                         Yes                              Yes

Keyless Entry                                                  Smart Key                   Smart Key

Auto Unlock on Approach                               Yes                              Yes

Speakers                                                         13                                13

Subwoofer                                                       Yes                              Yes     


Safety & Security

Airbags1                                                          11                                11

Child Detection                                               Yes                              Yes

Occupant Status Detection                             Yes                              Yes

Theft Alarm w/ Immobilizer                             Yes                              Yes

Backup Camera                                              Yes                              Yes

Automatic High Beam/                                    Yes                              Yes
Adaptive Driving Beam

Driver Monitoring System                               Yes                              Yes

Automatic Accident Detection and                  Yes                              Yes
Emergency Response Calling

Intrusion Alert                                                  Yes                              Yes                                                     


Driver Assistance

Traffic Jam Assist                                          Optional                      Optional

Highway Assist (Level 2)                               Optional                      Optional

Lane Departure Warning                               Yes                              Yes

Lane Keep Assist                                           Yes                              Yes

Lane Center Control                                      Yes                              Yes

Auto Lane Change Assist                              Optional                       Optional

Adaptive Cruise Control                                 Yes                              Yes

Intelligent Speed Assist                                  Yes                              Yes

Traffic Sign Recognition                                 Yes                              Yes

Forward Collision Warning                             Yes                              Yes

Rear Cross Traffic Alert                                  Yes                               Yes

Blind Spot Detection                                      Yes                               Yes

Oncoming Traffic Door Open Warning           Yes                               Yes

Advanced Automatic Emergency Braking      Yes                               Yes

Emergency Lane Keep Assist                        Yes                               Yes

Front & Rear Parking Assist                           Yes                               Yes

Fully Automatic Parking Assistance               Optional                        Optional

Remote Parking                                             Optional                        Optional

360 Surround View Monitoring                       Yes                               Yes

Summon Mode                                               Optional                       Optional



Basic Nav with Route Sharing                        Yes                              Yes

Advanced Trip Planner                                   Yes                              Yes

Live Traffic                                                      Optional                      Optional

Satellite View                                                  Optional                      Optional

Remote Vehicle Locator                                 Yes                              Yes


Smart Services

Q&A with Virtual Assistant                             Optional                        Optional

Virtual Assistant Personalization                   Optional                        Optional

Smartphone Mirroring                                    Yes                               Yes

Audio Entertainment                                      Optional                        Optional

Video Streaming                                            Optional                        Optional

Games                                                           Optional                        Optional

Web Browser                                                 Optional                        Optional

Smart Home Control                                      Optional                        Optional

Schedule and Contact Sync                          Optional                        Optional

Text to Speech/Speech to Text                      Yes                               Yes

E-commerce (i.e. ordering food)                    Optional                       Optional

Scheduling Service                                        Optional                       Optional


Vehicle Servicing

Schedule Service Notification                         Yes                              Yes

Battery Lease Plan Management                   Yes                              Yes

Charge Scheduling                                         Yes                              Yes

Plug and Charge                                             Yes                              Yes



Car Control                                                    Yes                              Yes

Valet Mode                                                     Yes                              Yes

Camp Mode                                                    Yes                              Yes

Pet Mode                                                        Yes                              Yes

Bath Mode                                                      Yes                              Yes