Jun 8, 2023


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June 8, 2023, VinFast officially launched the VF 3, a mini electric car model designed specifically for the Vietnam market. Boasting a compact and contemporary design, the VF 3 offers numerous benefits, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and operating environments. This eco-friendly vehicle is also equipped with smart features, providing a dynamic mobility option for individuals of all backgrounds.

The VinFast VF 3 is part of the small car segment, specifically classified as a Mini car. The VF 3 represents VinFast's initial endeavor in developing a small car model designed dedicated to the distinctive characteristics and driving patterns of domestic consumers.

The car has an overall length of approximately 3,114 mm and features a 2-door design, a rear trunk, and sufficient interior space to accommodate up to five people. The body is compact yet tall and robust, providing ample ground clearance and equipped with 16-inch wheels. The exterior design is characterized by bold geometric blocks and strong lines that run consistently from the front to the back, creating an eye-catching appearance.

Notably, the square headlights and rearview mirror, as well as the stylized V-shaped bird logo on the front and rear bumpers, serve as prominent features that establish a cohesive design language, lending a dynamic visual appeal to the overall car design. With the aim of bringing a model which is for everyone, VinFast VF 3 will offer consumers a range of color options to choose from, further enhancing its customization possibilities. Regarding the interior, the VF 3 is designed to be minimalist to optimize the space for five people to sit inside the car. Basic smart features are fully integrated, ensuring a comfortable and convenient user experience.

The car is equipped with an electric motor and battery that offer an impressive travel distance, catering to the needs and daily usage patterns of most Vietnamese drivers. It is expected that VinFast will begin accepting VF 3 orders in September 2023 and deliver in Q3 2024.

The VF 3 will come in two trims, Eco and Plus, and be accessibly priced for mass appeal while providing a safe, convenient, and smart transportation solution. With its outstanding advantages of zero emissions, noise-free operation, environmental friendliness, and, most importantly, high safety standards, VF 3 has the potential to become the new "national vehicle" for the Vietnamese people. It can help fulfill the “car dreams” of millions of families while improving living standards and serving as a powerful catalyst for the widespread adoption of electric cars in Vietnam.

With VF 3, VinFast continues to firmly assert its position as an OEM with the most diverse product range in the global EV market, offering seven models that cover from Mini cars to full-size E-class SUVs. VinFast has launched six electric car models in segments ranging from A to E, including VF 5 Plus, VF e34, VF 6, VF 7, VF 8, and VF 9.