March, 2023

Introduction Of The New, All-electric VinFast SUV VF 8

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- The first cars delivered to U.S. customers in March 2023 -

Combining dynamic styling, premium interior fittings, advanced engineering and a modern, all-wheel drive, 100 percent electric powertrain, the first new VinFast VF 8 all-electric SUVs are charging into the North American market.

VF 8 City Edition is a limited edition launched by VinFast in the US market in March 2023. This is a model with the same design and technology as the VF 8 standard, but with a lower driving range, faster charging time and lower charging cost, which is suitable for customers who have traveling needs within the city.

Launching the VF 8 City Edition in the US with optimal pricing solution also helps VinFast shorten the go-to-market time, reach customers sooner and convince them with direct experience.

" VinFast VF 8 City Edtion is VinFast's first step in entering the international market, especially the US market. The car model gathers all the core elements of VinFast: Premium quality product – Inclusive pricing – Outstanding after-sales service. The model comes with a modern design, spacious and luxurious interior along with great performance level and excellent after-sales service. It is an attractive choice for customers in the North American market." – Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup, CEO of VinFast Holdings shared. "We are very proud to receive the support of US customers to hand over this model, motivating VinFast to continue developing and bringing good products into the market, promoting the global electric vehicle revolution."



The modern styling of the VF 8 embraces VinFast’s design ethos of being fundamentally human, collaborative and progressive.

Crafted by the famous Italian design house Pininfarina - VF 8 brings trendy, classy beauty and a highly personalized experience for users. Available in eight contemporary exterior colors and three basic interior colors, customers can choose the VF 8 that best reflects their individuality.

The shape of the car is a harmonious combination of the dynamic curves of sports cars, with the oblong features often found in luxury sedans, along with the height and powerful sharp cut of SUVs. All create an impressive appearance and distinct personality for the VF 8, both emphasizing the unique aesthetics and optimizing aerodynamics to help reduce energy consumption.

Elements such as the signature light bar surrounding the headlights and the dynamic creases along the side of the VF 8 highlight the detailing that sets the VF 8 apart from other vehicles on the road. Desirable features such as heated outside rear-view mirrors, heated rear window and auto-leveling headlights come standard on every VF 8; or a power tailgate with a kick sensor, sunroof (in the Plus version), ensuring a premium experience for owners.

"VinFast's mission is to create products that improve consumers' lives, thereby bringing a green, smart and sustainable future to the planet," said Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy. " By working closely with world-renowned Italian design firm Pininfarina, we have created an iconic vehicle that beautifully expresses the personality of the VinFast brand and the soul of Vietnam to the globe."



The interior design of VF 8 is a combination of high-class aesthetic standards and meticulous and delicate craftsmanship, while ensuring comfort due to the integration of the most advanced technologies.

All VF 8 models come standard with power seats and a heated steering wheel for all-weather comfort. In the Plus version, vegan leather surfaces are employed on seats in both the first and second rows, 12-way power driver's seat with memory and ventilation, providing the most convenient experience.

The car is equipped with a large 15.6-inch touchscreen in the center console that minimizes the number of physical buttons, while simplifying the user interaction interface. With the intuitive help of the high-resolution display, the driver and passengers in the vehicle can easily navigate and enjoy a comprehensive driving experience on every journey.

Color Head Up Display (HUD) technology also allows information to be displayed, making it easier for driver to grasp important parameters while still keeping their eyes on the road.

" When passengers enter the cabin of the VF 8, they are greeted by high-end detailing that is unexpected for a vehicle in this price class”, Le Thi Thu Thuy added. " With hand-cut and sewn materials, the interior of the VF 8 is more than just another vehicle cabin, it is truly an oasis of refinement."

The 5-passenger VF 8 boasts an extensive list of standard features. Dual zone air conditioning, cabin filtration, and second-row ventilation ensure that passengers throughout the cabin are comfortable, no matter the conditions outside. And with five USB ports available across the front and rear compartments, as well as an integrated wireless charger, everyone can keep their personal devices charged up.

Its 10-speaker audio system with subwoofer (eight-speaker on Eco model), allows the interior of the VF 8 to be instantly transformed into a personal symphony hall. Customers can comfortably enjoy live music, listen to the latest news, sports programs or podcasts through popular apps such as pre-installed iHeartRadio and TuneIn, or play from personal phones via Bluetooth.

Boasting more than 48 cubic feet of cargo space (with back seats folded down) and an additional 2.7 cubic feet in the lockable frunk, the VF 8 is a perfect companion for long road trips and short grocery runs alike.



As a technology model, VF 8 is equipped with many modern features, researched and developed by the world's leading partners and technology companies under Vingroup’s ecosystem such as VinAI, VinBigdata, etc.

" Along with design and performance, today’s consumers demand the latest technology be part of their driving experience," said Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy. "Especially true for tech-savvy EV owners, there is an expectation that their vehicle will deliver everything from entertainment to productivity to safety features through a seamless integration of the very latest software available."

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is one of the outstanding features equipped as standard on VinFast cars. The ADAS feature on VinFast VF 8 is operated based on the sensor and camera system equipped on the car, supporting the driver to reduce stress and fatigue, helping to minimize the risk of collision. Currently, VF 8 is developed, equipped with 26 ADAS features with the prerequisite goal of supporting the driving process and ensuring driver’s safety. ADAS provides the driver with additional confidence as they pilot the VF 8, including features such as Traffic Jam Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Highway Driving Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Detection, Automatic Emergency Braking and more.

VF 8 is also integrated with Smart Services, developed on the most advanced platforms today such as data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. These advanced AI-based features include a Driver Monitoring System that employs facial recognition and an infrared (IR) camera to determine whether a driver may be drowsy or distracted - even if the driver is wearing sunglasses.

360-degree Advanced Surround View Monitoring is also one of the outstanding smart features, making invisible obstacles clearly visible. The car has four cameras in-car and a reversing camera, which combined with the best algorithm in the segment helps provide good visibility, especially being able to interacted with in real time through the 15.6 inch infotainment screen.

Smart Services also provide entertainment features or refer to information while the car is running, at the same time still ensuring safety such as Smart Home, In-car Shopping, etc., bringing a great entertainment experience with VinFast vehicles.

The VinFast voice assistant is also integrated into the car, helping customers to interact with the car through voice commands, ensuring safety while driving such as listening and answering messages, keeping updated with the news or weather. Besides, the built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions bring the most used apps and functions of the driver's smartphone directly to the car's infotainment screen.

The technology software on the car will be constantly updated to bring the latest and safest experience to customers.

Making it possible for drivers to navigate to any 10 by 10 foot spot on the planet, VinFast is the first automaker to integrate the innovative global addressing technology of what3words. With this integration, VF 8 owners can easily navigate to any location by just inputting three simple words that represent the destination - rather than a long, cumbersome street address that may or may not be accurate.

In addition, the car is also integrated with many smart technology features such as karaoke app Cerence Sing; TuneIn online audio service application, etc.



All VinFast models, including the VF 8, are designed to meet or exceed global safety standards, providing a full range of safety features to bring peace of mind for drivers and passengers.

A total of 11 airbags are distributed throughout the cabin, including airbags in both the front and second row, helping to minimize the impact of force on the seating positions when a collision occurs. Plus, in the event of an accident, the VF 8 can automatically contact emergency services. 

"VinFast wants to give customers peace of mind, a sense of calm and safety when traveling on an electric car.", Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy said.

VinFast VF 8 has now completed safety tests according to NHTSA's FMVSS and certificated with 5-star safety by ASEAN NCAP.



The dual-electric powertrain delivers 348 hp and 369 ft-lb of torque for the Eco version and 402 hp and 457 ft-lb of torque for the Plus version with standard all-wheel drive. The acceleration time from 0 – 62mph is 6.5 seconds for the Eco version and 5.5 seconds for the Plus version. In terms of battery range, VF 8 is certificated by EPA at 207 miles for the Eco version and 191 miles for the Plus version.

To ensure that the ride and handling is equal to its power, the VF 8 features a front smart axle suspension and a precise control blade rear suspension. This advanced suspension geometry results in an optimal balance of ride and handling, making the VF 8 a driver’s vehicle that is equally comfortable for passengers as well.  

Besides, VinFast VF 8 also has a fast charging time, bringing convenience to customers on every journey. Using a fast DC charger, the VF 8 can be charged from 10% to 70% in as little as 24 minutes. VinFast also strives to bring a convenient charging experience to customers through the Plug & Charge feature. Customers can search and be directed to the nearest charging stations. Charging stations will recognize VinFast vehicles and process payments quickly without having to take extra steps such as using QR codes or credit cards.



The VF 8 City Edition is being leased for customers in California from only $ 399 USD / month for Eco version and $ 499 USD / month for Plus version. VinFirst pioneer customers can enjoy other special benefits.


Trim Level


Base Price (MSRP)

VF 8 Eco
(City Edition)
AWD Dual Motor
(348 hp/368 lb-ft)


VF 8 Eco (Standard) AWD Dual Motor
(348 hp/368 lb-ft)


VF 8 Plus (City Edition) AWD Dual Motor
(402 hp/457 lb-ft)


VF 8 Plus (Standard) AWD Dual Motor
(402 hp/457 lb-ft)



Along with its standard 10-year/125,000-mile warranty, 10 years and unlimited mileage for the battery. VinFast also provides a convenient and seamless experience for customers through 24/7 roadside assistance and Mobile Services.



For VinFast, the goal for a green and sustainable future is not only realized through electric vehicle products, but also in each business and production activities that the company implements. Accordingly, VinFast announced its participation in "The Climate Pledge" (TCP) - a commitment towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism. TCP is a call to action for businesses and organizations to tackle climate issues, working together to build a safe and healthy planet for generations to come. More than 375 entities have joined the pledge worldwide.

Besides, VinFast also participated in the Declaration on the Development of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) made at the COP26 Climate Change Summit. VinFast is committed to the goal of selling 100% of ZEVs in key markets by 2035 or earlier, accelerating the global transportation electrification revolution. Sustainalytics report ranks VinFast at the top among all EV players.


For more information about the VF 8 City Edition, please visit:

The model submitted for Car & Driver's "EV of the Year" award is the VF 8 City Edition. This model differs only from the standard VF 8 in terms of range.


*Announced prices are subject to change at any time. Battery inclusive starting prices are applicable for the VF 8 ECO Standard Range trim level and do not include destination charge, data services packages or any applicable taxes and fees.

**Specs listed are for the highest PLUS models of VF8 and may vary in actual use

***Spec listed is for range per full charge in enhanced range mode and may vary in actual us