Introducing the VinFast Battery Subscription Program

VinFast Battery Leasing VinFast Battery Leasing

A Battery Subscription Program for Everyone

The VinFast Battery Subscription Program is a truly innovative service model that makes premium electric vehicles (EVs) more accessible to everyone. When customers purchase VinFast EVs, the battery cost is excluded from the vehicle purchase price.

Customers will pay a monthly subscription fee where VinFast bears responsibility for battery repairs, maintenance, and replacement costs to provide a worry-free experience for the life of the vehicle.

Policy: For VinFirst Pioneers who purchase a VF 8 or VF 9 in 2022 or 2023, customers will enjoy permanent subscription rates for the entire life of their vehicle.

VinFast Battery
Subscription Benefits

VinFast Battery Benefits


Significantly reduces initial vehicle costs.

Peace of Mind

VinFast covers batteries with a vehicle lifetime warranty, meaning VinFast maintains responsibility for all battery repairs, maintenance, and replacement costs throughout the life of the vehicle. Batteries are replaced when charging capacity drops below 70%.


VinFast is committed to finding solutions to eliminate unnecessary hazardous battery waste by developing programs to reuse or recycle all uninstalled batteries.

The VinFast Battery
Subscription Program

The Fixed Plan

VinFast’s Fixed Plan is designed for range lovers. It includes unlimited mileage in the monthly battery subscription for peace of mind. Customers who make a reservation and deposit for the VF 8 or VF 9 in 2022 and subscribe to the Fixed plan will be offered a permanent subscription fee for the product’s lifetime. This policy is automatically transferred to the new owner after the vehicle is sold. Monthly subscription rates for orders placed by 12/31/2022:

VF 8 $169/mo
VF 9 $219/mo

Options That Fit Every Lifestyle

Aiming to make EVs more accessible to everyone, VinFast offers different battery options to meet every customer’s need.

EV MODEL Standard Range Enhanced Range*
VF 8 Eco 260 mi 292 mi
VF 8 Plus 248 mi 277 mi
VF 9 Eco 272 mi 369 mi
VF 9 Plus 262 mi 360 mi

*Available in 2023

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